Firstly, she spoke about her connection to and trust in Mickey.

I’ve been on his shows twice. He was very nice and respectful towards me. ‘Chen Jin Pei, I saw your poster on the streets in Singapore.’ I don’t believe it. Would he do stuff like that? Does he need to assault someone sexually? So many people love him to death. Like Bowie Tsang, Dee Hsu [Mickey’s ex-girlfriends], and the one he married, Summer Meng. Why would he need to assault someone sexually? There’s no way. I don’t think he would.

– Chen Jin Pei

Then, she questioned the accusers’ intentions.

It’s been more than ten years, why are they revealing it now? That’s not right. They’re just his past lovers trying to make noise by using his name. There’s no way. I can say it without a doubt. I don’t need to watch the news. I don’t know what’s going on, but there’s no way. Mickey Huang was so loved by women. Bowie Tsang and Dee Hsu were fighting over him. He has a market in Mainland China, too. I don’t believe it. I’m telling you, there’s no way. I’m bravely saying there’s no way. It’s all because of those women.

– Chen Jin Pei

She also questioned why they waited so long to report him.

Why didn’t you report him when he was sexually assaulting you? You were sexually assaulted more than ten years ago, but you’re reporting him now? It’s the same as what happened with Blackie Chen. I like him too; they both have bright personalities.

– Chen Jin Pei

Upon watching the interview, netizens quickly expressed their anger. Some expressed their feelings through memes.

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While others commented on the interview.

Mickey Huang 9

Meanwhile, Mickey’s wife also commented on the case.

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