In the screenshot being circulated, the fan wrote, “I’ve spent $ 400,000 NTD (approximately $ 12,700 USD) stanning asepa. I’ve never been to an offline fansign. I’m not planning on buying merchandise anymore. I don’t want to keep anything.

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Screenshot of the original post by the aespa fan | @ych_437/Threads

The fan also noted he was selling everything for $ 265,000 NTD (approximately $ 8,400 USD). The package includes 6 autographs, 2 signed photocards, 1 signed Polaroid, and more.

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Photos of the fan’s aespa merchandise | @ych_437/Threads

Reactions came pouring in after the post was screenshotted and reuploaded to Threads. One netizen noted that they knew of the fan who wrote the original post.

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He was very hardcore. I joined his group order for Karina stickers before. He really loved Karina so much, like the kind of fan that just goes and buys 400 albums for a fansign.

– Netizen

Other netizens also reacted to the situation.

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